West Africa Bible and Theological Institute (IBTAO) exists to train, equip and provide quality biblical leadership skill for national church planters, pastors and leaders.

As church in West Africa grows, more churches are being planted. The demand for well-trained pastors is great. Effective leadership and good teaching are vital for the church in Muslim West Africa. Where Christian leaders lack the skills needed to strengthen their congregations, believers find much difficult to maintain their faith in the midst of persecution. Well-trained church planters and pastors in Muslim West Africa will help lead their churches in maturity and in the face of persecution and hostility.

Currently, most of West Africa leaders have had little or no opportunity to receive theological education in preparation for pastoral ministry.  Through IBTAO, we are training and providing, suitable qualified pastors, church planters and leaders of leader to teach national leaders at seminary level and to be able to lead their own churches. IBTAO offers student’s certificate, diploma courses in ministerial studies. It also runs degree in theology and in cross-cultural missions In addition to theological education, NHMI supports leadership development programs of many kinds in various contexts to help equip church leaders for their task.

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